Testimonials & recommendations

I purchased this house which was about 50 years old and decided to refurbish it with modern facilities. I consulted Mr.S.L.C.Wijeratne , Chartered Architect who had also designed my brother’s house in Kandy. I had several meetings with him and he provided the final plan with an addition of a third floor. He had also done many structural changes to reposition the stair case and to add a courtyard. I was very happy with his final design. We entrusted the Architect to provide the Consortium services. We also did not require a third party as a contractor the Architect employed a set of skilled workers and supervised their work very closely. He completed the Project to my entire satisfaction, and on schedule. The Architect had a very positive approach and added any requirement of us at any stage. I wanted a Lift at the very final stage and the Architect obliged and designed a Lift detached from the house. He very competently managed the contract by supervising the work and procuring the materials. The house was completed within one year and it was very beautiful and to the quality that we expected. We have not encountered any structural deficiencies or problems with services and the materials used. Cost of Project — Rs.40 Million approx.

Dr. Mahendra Balasuriya
Specialized Doctor

Mr Lal Wijeratne worked at our architectural firm from 1980-1984 where he has handled buildings and design projects, He joined our firm following his graduation in 1979 and after having worked at Edwards Reid & Begg for a year. Over the period in which he worked at our firm he had to undertake his duties both at remote outstation sites and in our Colombo headquarters, which he did admirably. Both the scale of the projects and the schedules are attached to give some idea of the architectural work that he undertook on behalf of the firm from the design stage to working drawings to accomplish the construction on site with a multitude of sub-constructions. The cost and nature of the building projects indicate the level of responsibility entrusted to him. Having worked for us as an assistant architect for our firm we warmly recommend him as a reliable and efficient professional architect able to undertake large projects.

Architect Ismeth Raheem
Pheroze Choksy & Ismeth Raheem

We are writing to confirm that Mr. S Lal C Wijeratne – Chartered Architect, was awarded to provide the architectural service to our office building at Braybrooke Place, Colombo 2. We must state that Mr. S Lal Wijeratne performed well to our overall expectations carrying out all work supporting and coordinating at all times. The quality of architect is commendable and was appreciated by many who visit our office and particularly by our German Principals. The construction work commenced in June 2007 and was completed with all facilities in position in July 2009 for our occupation. Our relationship with Mr. Lal C.Wijeratne was cordial at all times and even today supports us with any issues that arise from time to time. We are happy to have engaged with Mr. Lal C Wijetratne for the architectural services of our building and recommend him un-hesitantly for consideration for the award of Architectural service and wish him the very best for a bright future in this Industry.

Ranjan Ratnasingham
Managing Director - BTL Lanka

As the land was on a steep slope, the concept and design was challenging. Mr Wijeratne was attentive to our need and requirements and made constructive suggestions on what was feasible and what was not. Overall, he met our needs in exemplary fashion. What he envisaged and communicated to us turned out to be very accurate in the final product. Given the terrain, this was no mean feat. His design has provided us ample light and ventilation and made the best of the location to provide an excellent view. We are very pleased with both the design and quality of construction of the house. Since we were overseas throughout most of the construction process, he was entrusted him with all the procurement, supervision and construction work. His team of workmen were very diligent and he was excellent in supervising their work and also in making sure that neighbors were not disturbed with the construction work. He kept us well informed of progress with regular updates in writing as well as with images. He was accommodating in changes we wished to make to aspects of the final design wherever possible and feasible. He made very helpful suggestions on the finishes, such as flooring and toilet fittings and helped us made good choices in our purchases such as toilet fittings and tiling and also in subcontracting for the wooden flooring in one part of the house. We are very pleased with the final product, both in design and in construction. He has been extremely diligent and helpful in following up on minor adjustments post-handover of the house. In summary, | can unreservedly recommend Mr Lal Wijeratne for his professional competence and integrity as architect and as a builder. We started our relationship as architect and client and we finished as lifelong friends, and indeed we are not the only one of his clients who remain his friends after our professional relationship ended. This is no doubt testament to the quality of professional service he provides as well as his personality.

Dr. Malik Peiris
Specialized Doctor

In 2007, my wife Visaka and I consulted Mr Lal Wijeratne to design and build our residence at 32E Beach Road, Dummaladeniya, Wennapuwa. We had already acquired the land, which is 36 metres from the beach. We discussed our requirements and Mr Wijeratne made several professional suggestions which were all incorporated in the design. Mr Wijeratne produced his architectural plan for the house, which was most impressive and exactly met our requirements and expectations, so we went ahead with building. The whole Project was managed by Mr Wijeratne, who engaged the Site Foreman as well as the various necessary tradesmen. During construction, Mr Wijeratne visited the site on an almost daily basis, ensuring that the materials and the construction were of the highest standard. The residence was completed in August 2008, on schedule and under budget. We have lived in the house for the past five years and it has been a most comfortable experience. During that time, we have been through a number of intense thunderstorms with no damage to the house. Indeed, the recent storms in June of this year caused substantial damage to other buildings in the area, but we did not experience even a loose tile, nor any ingress of water, which is testament to the quality of Mr Wijeratne’s work. Inside the house, with the doors closed, you can hardly hear the noise of the storm. Although I am at present working as an airline instructor pilot in Abu Dhabi, we maintain the residence and Stay there frequently. A substantial number of foreigners passing by have stopped to enquire about the house from our servants. Throughout the planning and construction of our home, my wife and I were constantly impressed by the care and attention to detail demonstrated by Mr Wijeratne, who administered the site with discipline and professionalism. We have no hesitation in recommending his outstanding services as Architect and Project Manager and would be happy to supply further information upon request, in English or Sinhala.

Charles M Montgomery
Charles & Visaka Montgomery

This is to certify that Mr.S.L.C. Wijeratne was attached to our Company as a Director, from September 1989 to December 1990. During this period he managed several projects from the inception to completion and was very competent in pre and post contract administration. Some of the projects he handled were, a) Office Building for Performance Motors at Peliyagoda. b) Interior for Standard Bank Head Office. These projects were managed under the guidence of Chartered Architect D.M.P. Weeratunge who has migrated to Australia.

Manel Chandraratne
James Ferrie (PVT) LTD.

Mr. S. L. C. Wijeratne worked under my direction at Kahawita De Silva and Associates as an Assistant Architect for approximately One year from 1st August 1979 to 30th July 1980 He is a willing and enthusiastic worker with a good design sense and intelligent grasp of the work in hand. He has a friendly and cheerful disposition and fitted into the structure of the office.

P. Elmo J. De Sliva
Kahawita De Silva and Associates