About Our Firm

Our firm is well-established and among the reputed Architectural Firms in Sri Lanka.

Our firm was established in 2010. We have served more than One hundred clients including Professionals, businessmen, Leading Corporates etc.

We serve our clients to the best of our ability and with great satisfaction to them as you would read from the client appreciations.

We specialize in personalized housing in urban & Rural, Commercial, Leisure Buildings, Factories, and Renovations etc.

Our Main Office
Chartered Architect S. L. C. Wijeratne


Lal Wijeratne is the principal architect with vast experience in the field of architecture. He is currently having a practice at Ja-Ela 12KM North of Colombo. The Office could be reached in 15mins from Colombo along the expressway.

He had his complete education at Trinity College Kandy. He Was a studious student at college and devoted much of his time to studies and did not engage in sports. He was in the Senior Cadet platoon as a corporal and a member of the school officers guild.

At school, he was highly skilled with his handwork and very good at art. At the age of fifteen, he designed and fabricated a living room suite in timber. It was a Novel design and was exhibited at the college centenary year celebrations in 1972, It was highly recommended by Furniture Designers. After leaving school he was a member of college staff for two years before gaining admission to the University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka.

In his third year at the university, he joined a highly reputed firm of architects Edwards, Reid & Begg. The principal architect of this firm was World-renowned architect Geoffery Bawa. After being trained under him for one year he returned to the university to complete his degree in Architecture.

He gained wide experience in architecture working in reputed architectural firms in Sri Lanka such as Edwards Reid & Begg, Kahawita De Silva & Associates, Pheroze Choksy & Ismeth Raheem and James Ferrie (PVT) Ltd.

He is also highly engaged in Social Service. He is an active member of the Rotary Movement. He was awarded the most outstanding Rotarian of the year in 2021/2013.

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