How Can Green Buildings Improve Our Lives

As more people around the globe are becoming aware of climate change, building new homes becomes more sustainable. Owners are now preoccupied with going green and saving our planet, architects are brainstorming new ways of redefining what design means, while the government is constantly looking for new ways to reduce carbon footprint and support private business efforts.

The newest green trends surpass the water and energy efficiency marks and can help us live healthier in many ways.

*The air that we breathe can be purified. Today, a high carbon dioxide concentration can leave people feeling tired, grumpy, and unable to breathe properly. By redesigning our homes, we could improve air quality and temperature, which can lead to lower humidity and better overall health.

*Green homes allow more light in. This can help us focus better and feel more positive. Plus, it’s been shown that more light can increase people’s happiness and help them get better sleep.

*Another reason for redesigning your home and switching to green housing is to encourage mobility. A greenhouse can have easy access to cycling and running routes or public transportation.

*Plants help clean the air. Green homes can incorporate natural elements such as plants, trees, etc. These systems can help clean the air and purify it. Green design can be easily applied in many ways inside and outside your home.

*Infrastructure built around green homes can help mitigate natural disasters and enhance existing structures. This can keep us safer, diminish fear, and increase our life expectancy by a significant percentage.

Shanil Perera 22 October 2021

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